Sandy Springs Mosquito Misting & Control

MosquitoSandy Springs comes alive during the spring months, but the warmer weather heralds the arrival of mosquitoes. These pests can put a damper on your outdoor plans. At MosquitoNix Atlanta, we can help you control mosquitoes and reclaim your yard.

Mosquito Information

Mosquitoes become an issue during warm and wet weather. The male mosquitoes search for plants that provide nectar, but the females use the blood of mammals, birds, and some reptiles to provide key nutrients for the formation of eggs. The female will lay the eggs in standing water because the eggs and larval mosquitoes need moisture. Unfortunately, female mosquitoes act as vectors for some deadly diseases.

Mosquito Control

To combat mosquito populations in Sandy Springs, we offer misting systems and the QuickNix treatment program.

Our misting system provides 24-hour protection from mosquitoes. Individual spray nozzles are placed throughout your yard, and all of the nozzles are connected to a main unit. This unit plugs into a regular household outlet and controls the delivery of the mosquito spray solution. Two to four times a day, the main unit pumps the control solution to the individual nozzles, so your yard receives a regular and even misting. The spray contains pyrethrum, a chrysanthemum extract, and a blend of essential oils.

Our QuickNix treatment program involves three steps that disrupt different stages of the mosquito life cycle. First, our experts come to your home and perform a thorough fogging. Next, we distribute granules that function as a mosquito repellent. Finally, we apply a larvicide to areas with standing water.

If you are concerned about mosquitoes on your property, contact us for a free quote. We can design a treatment to fit your needs, and you can reclaim your yard.