Mosquito Control Overview

During the warmer months millions of people enjoy being outdoors in their backyards. Many enjoy barbecuing, gardening or just lounging the evening away. The threat of mosquitoes and the possibly of becoming infected with West Nile Virus soon puts a damper on any outdoor activities. Using topical mosquito repellents, scented candles or torches is one alternative. MosquitoNix offers various methods of eliminating mosquito problems that allow homeowners to regain control of their outdoor environment.

Mosquitoes and other insects naturally migrate to vegetated areas in back yards. Buckets and other outdoor receptacles along with gutters are also places insects favor for establishing colonies. Holes in foundations, trees or tree stumps and any other accessible location around properties often present attractive home options for mosquitoes and other insects. Mosquitoes especially prefer reproducing in standing water, choosing birdbaths, children’s pools or the ground under water faucets that produce a moist environment.

Continual or recurrent elimination programs eliminate current infestations and prevent further insect populations from occurring.

MosquitoNix offers two solutions… The most effective is a specially designed system that offer mosquito control for homeowners. Specially trained technicians install strategically placed continual misting nozzles around the perimeter of properties that naturally blend into the environment.

Installed every 10 to 12 feet, technicians expertly conceal these systems along a fence line, the eaves of buildings, shrubbery and trees or other landscaping features. A reservoir, control unit and pump emit pyrethrums periodically throughout the day, which eliminates existing mosquito and other insect populations while deterring pests from entering the location.

The system merely requires a 110-volt outlet. Homeowners have complete control over the system, which mists the property three or four times a day. Each application lasts only 20 to 45 seconds. MosquitoNix technicians program the system for you or instruct homeowners how to adjust applications according to individual needs.

The array of mosquito misting solutions used in MosquitoNix systems includes pyrethrum, permethrin and other oil-based products. These environmentally friendly products comprise the effective active ingredients that ensure mosquito elimination. The company fully backs their various solutions and systems with a customer satisfaction guarantee.

MosquitoNix also offers one-time treatment methods for individuals hosting special outdoor events. Homeowners might also opt for ongoing treatment plans. One time and regularly scheduled treatment options entail our certified MosquitoNix representative evaluating the property and eliminating mosquitoes with a three-step process.

Using fogging systems, technicians spray any areas containing vegetation. Lawn granules eliminate infestation and eco-friendly larvicides annihilate developing mosquitoes in standing water. Call MosquitoNix today for a free consultation and estimate.