MosqutioNix Mosquito Misting Features

Misting System

It can often be difficult to find the perfect mosquito misting product to keep these pesky bugs away. Not all mists are the same, and many do not effectively deal with the problem. Some mists clog in the tubing, making it difficult to spray evenly and consistently. However, the proprietary solution mix that we use at MosquitoNix will solve all of those problems. Our products are top-quality, designed by professional engineers to provide an even, wide-ranging spray incorporated into a system that can recognize leaks, wind resistance, and damage from accidental siphoning in the tubes.

Our special solution

MosquitoNix misting solution is made with an active ingredient that ensure that every spray is consistent and even. Unlike some mosquito mists, MosquitoNix products do not settle at the bottom of the reservoir, making it an inaccurate treatment option for keeping mosquito away. Our chemical engineers have designed a solution that remains in suspension and automatically agitates itself to avoid settling.

Our mosquito spray systems are also designed to protect your yard from leaks from siphoning of the tubes or delivery lines. Whether the lines are accidentally cut from yard maintenance or if a tube becomes damaged, the MosquitoNix mosquito misting system will reduce the leak to maintain draining your reservoir. This is a great feature not offered by our competitors and it will save you time and money by safeguarding your property.

Many mosquito mists do not take wind speed into account when spraying. However, the MosquitoNix mosquito misting system has an optional feature that recognizes wind speed. This feature allows the MosquitoNix system to detect the wind speed at the beginning of a cycle during a five-minute period. If the wind is higher than a prescribed speed, then the spray system will not run. This is a great way to avoid wasting the spray on a windy day, which helps you save money. The MosquitoNix system restarts its spray cycle when the wind slows down and everything is taken care of automatically.

Protecting your yard

The Mosquito Misting System by Mosquitonix is a perfect product for keeping your yard free of mosquitoes. The system can target multiple areas at once with our unique zone control, making it an efficient system for a yard of any size that no one else in the market is able to offer. Its automated regulation and the clog-free filter system prevents inconsistent sprays. Rest assured that the MosquitoNix mosquito misting system will take care of your yard with its superbly engineered design.