MosquitoNix Mosquito Misting Systems Can Work For You

Mosquito ControlSpring and summer bring warmer weather that invites you out into your yard, deck and patio to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. But pretty soon, you will hear the buzzing sound and feel the sting of one of summer’s worst features: mosquitos.

Mosquitos can ruin an elaborate cocktail party you’ve spent weeks planning or just a simple night playing with the kids in the backyard. However, you can take back your outdoor space with mosquito control systems.

MosquitoNix offers an innovative mosquito misting system that will spray your yard at set intervals to get rid of the pesky insects.

Racehorse owners invented fly spray systems to protect their expensive animals in the barn. When a group of Texas entrepreneurs got their hands on this technology in the 1990s, they saw the potential to make it work for homeowners too. They adapted the mosquito misting systems to work for residential homes and yards, and since then, more and more homeowners have picked this method of mosquito control to keep their yards mosquito-free.

Their decision is backed by recent scientific studies that show that when mosquito populations are large and dense, misting systems can effectively control the bugs.

But the biggest evidence of mosquito misting system’s effectiveness is the tens of thousands of homeowners who have invested in them. In the past 10 years, approximately 40,000 homes in the United States have been equipped with the systems. MosqutioNix is the market leader in manufacturing and installing these mosquito misting systems and is proud to have install the majority of them across the South.

We designed the MosqutioNix Mosquito Misting system so that it will be easy to use and requires minimal thought and attention from you. Our service programs handle all the necessary maintenance and fills require, but also offer the flexibility for you to manually start a mist before you plan to be outside, ensuring that your party guests will not be bothered by mosquitos.

We set a regular schedule for your mistings, but also give you the option with a remote to cancel them whenever you have a yard full of guests over and plan to be outside. All these options can be programmed through the MosquitoNix Mosquito Misting system’s intuitive, user-friendly interface.

Whether you want to spend an evening entertaining friends or a night playing ball with your kids, MosqutioNix Mosquito Misting systems can get you the mosquito-free yard you deserve.