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Personal mosquito repellents only last for so long, for one person, and some people have a reaction to the repellent. Stop dousing your family members in repellent spray every time they want to go into the backyard. Invest in one of our backyard misting systems to keep pests at bay for 24 hours a day, without the need to wear personal insect repellent.

Effective Mosquito Spraying in Atlanta

At MosquitoNix, we offer the best in backyard pest control solutions. The spray systems automatically send a chrysanthemum based solution into the air around your backyard two to four times each day.

Our misting system is as simple in design as it is effective in controlling mosquitos. The main unit has a reservoir for holding the control solution. Inside the unit, a pump pushes the solution out to the spray nozzles located every 10 to 12 feet around your backyard. This unit plugs into a standard house outlet, making the unit easy to fit in any home.

new sales photos 025The control solution we have for the MosquitoNix misting system are those recommended by experts (our on staff entomologists) for the most effective insect control. These include a blend of pyrethrum and essential oils. Regular refills of the misting system’s reservoir will be needed. Our service programs include automatic refills or you can contact us at MosquitoNix for information on getting your unit refilled once it is depleted.

Maintaining your Mosquito Spray System

Maintaining the misting system requires more than just regular refills of the control solution. Winterizing and de-winterizing keep the unit in working condition during harsh winters, when freezing temperatures and precipitation can damage an unprepared unit. Occasional repairs may be required for the rare mechanical malfunction of the machine. Call our MosquitoNix service technicians to help you with all forms of maintenance on your misting system. We offer service packages so you never need to remember to call us at specific times of the year.

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Your home is your castle, and the backyard is an extension of your realm, but a moat will not keep out mosquitoes and other pests. Our MosquitoNix misting system will help you to reclaim your backyard from those pesky mosquitos, without the need for medieval solutions.